Video Project

For my MCOM-207 final we had to create a video that utilized the skills we had learned over the semester. My classmate Sarah and I took videos around Stewart Hall during class using the i-Pad kit and later I took videos on my own using my i-Phone 6s. Also my friend and cross country/track and field teammate, Clara, took videos of me doing hurdle drills and steeple chasing in the field house of Halenbeck. I edited and combined the videos and pictures using Adobe Premiere Pro and added my audio from Adobe Audition, which we used for our audio assignment in class. The videos and the pictures capture what I am interested in. These are things such as running, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family. This video also shows how one day I strive to become a National Geographic reporter and my Mass Communications degree can help me achieve this goal. Also since this is a career promotional video, showcasing how I am a student athlete depicts how I am hardworking and able to work under pressure since I have to balance school and practice. This is my favorite class this semester because it was a lot of hands on work, and we were able to create something and develop skills that will be useful in the future.

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